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Martin H. Gremlich
1954, Zurich, Switzerland

Martin is a pioneering Human Biologist. He is also a human being that really cares for the sustainable wellbeing of other humans and humanity.

He feels privileged to be born in the mid-1950s in Zürich in independent, democratic, and neutral Switzerland that provided him with a safe place to grow up and excellent education.

His unique life path and his occupation as an intercontinental airline pilot allowed Martin to travel the world extensively. He discovered a world that looks indeed different in reality then it appears in the media.

Martin became fascinated with the intricate practical wisdom of other cultures and developed an insatiable curiosity about human nature. He learned early to observe neutrally. He developed a healthy scepticism towards any form of religious, cultural, and scientific dogmatism including his own. 

Martin's ethics of personal integrity:

  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Sincerity
  • Reliability
  • Tolerance
  • Benevolence
  • Self-Responsibility

Martin is presently living with his adopted family in South-Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. 

He serves people locally and internationally online with Life Skills education and coaching and his expertise in enhanced Neurofeedback Brain entrainment. Martin speaks, presents, and authors expertly about the biology of being human.

Martin's greatest interests: Human nature and well-being, personal and spiritual development, wisdom that goes beyond the obvious.

In addition, Martin is building his life dream, the independent Institute for Human Biology. The institute serves humanity with vital life education that is untainted by specific economic interests.

Martin's purpose and mission is to serve You.

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Martin is a centennial member of Vancouver Galaxy Lions Club  Lions International 


Martin's Professional Background

2016 - Present

Executive Founder, Senior Scientist
Institute for Human Biology (Non-Profit in foundation)

Purpose:   Independent objective research in Human Biology, bio-ergonomy.
Research, creation of educational tools, education in Human Biology; practical applications, health strategy, safety, and sustainability; advice and consulting for individuals and organizations.


2010 – Present

Executive Proprietor
AmonRay Life Skills

Applied Human Biology: Life Skill coaching, sleep coaching, stress relief, sleep improvement, communication skills, lifestyle improvement.     
Enhanced Neurofeedback: Emotional balance, trauma relief, sleep improvement, recovery from concussion, Brain Spa;
Neurofeedback education for professionals.


2013  Migration from Switzerland to Canada

1988 - 2014

Executive Proprietor
TOLK Consulting  (Zurich and Hallau, Switzerland)

Human Factors Consultant, accident prevention, ergonomy of work-flow, man-machine interface. Pioneering research in functional Human Biology. Perception, communication, stress response. Development of practical applications. Anthropological, historical, and sociological research.

TOLKverlag (publishing):

  • TOLK Schema – Martin Gremlich 1987 Ergonomie, Datenverarbeitung des Zentralnervensystems
  • Jet-Geschichten, Alexander Ditze 1994 ISBN 978-3952170601 illustrated by Martin Gremlich
  • Mein Pendel und Ich, Martin Gremlich 2012, ISBN 978-3-033-03494-5 Pendel-Anleitung (e-book) ISBN

1995 – 2004

Founder, President, CEO
IMP partners Ltd.  (Zurich, Switzerland)

Creation, structuring and build-up of the company. 25 employees. Import and distribution Asian food, pioneering development and production of high-quality organic Asian convenience menus (airlines, hotels). Top-level Asian catering service, gastronomy. Management tools for small and medium gastronomy enterprises. Favourite customer: Mrs. Tina Turner

1978 – 1994

Airline Pilot
Swissair  Schweizerische Luftverkehr AG

Pilot in Command (Captain) since 1991. Short-range operation on DC-9 and MD-80 aircraft, long-range intercontinental on DC-10 (30 series) aircraft.

1983 – 1991

Appointed Human Factors and Flight Safety Consultant
Swissair  Schweizerische Luftverkehr AG

Parallel flight crew duty: Pioneering human factor applications; Stress management, perception, sleep behaviour, ergonomy, CRM (cockpit resource management), air incident and accident analysis, flight safety improvement, flight crew education, flight procedure improvements.


Martin's Educational Background

Ongoing         Self education – continuous interdisciplinary private studies human biology, human sciences, behavioural science, earth sciences

2011 – 2012   NewMind Academy, Behavaioural Medicine and Resear Foundation
Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, Neuroscience

2005              Swiss Government Ministery of Finance - GwG Kommisssion (FINMA)
Financial Intermediary (indepndent trustee) education and license

1978 – 1980   Swiss Aviation School Swissair, Schweizerische Luftverkehr AG
Airline pilot training – ATPL (Airline Transportation Pilot License)

1974 – 1978   Federal Institute of Technology and University of Zurich
Biochemistry, natural sciences, agricultural engineering – M.Sc. Nat.

1973 – 1974   Swiss Airforce
Swiss militia military service – Sargent

1967 – 1973   Literargymnasium Zürichberg
Sciences, Latin, modern languages – Matura


Fluent:                       German (mother tongue: Swiss), English, French
Working knowledge:    Italian, Spanish, Latin

Special Experiences

1975-78   Field studies cultural anthropology Southeast Asia, Thailand (several)
1975   Field study agricultural engineering, farming Wawanesa, MA Canada
1960-73  Professional musical education: Violin (Elemér Glanz, Zürich)


Spotchecks in Time ...


Marin's "Why am I doing this" is born ... 

Why are we humans feeling and behaving the way they do?
Why is everybody fearful and suffering?

What makes us humans really tick?
What is life all about?


Martin the scientific rebel ...

Why is there no science studying human thriving?
Why is there no natural science of human health and behaviour?

The "Green Revolution", WWF, the Club of Rome, and Green Peace.


Martin the pilot ...

The never-to-return golden times of commercial aviation when pilots were still at controls and piloting. On board Swissair MD80 HB-INF, flight Prague-Zurich at 29.000 ft.


Martin the Human Biologist ...

Back to himself and back to Nature. Discoveing what makes us humans tick.


Martin the Natural Philosopher ...

"Philosopher" - the original Greek word - means Seeker of Wisdom. This describes modern-day Martin pretty well.

Martin the passionate Coach:
Share fundamental biological Life Skills with you.

© 2016 Martin H. Gremlich M.Sc.Nat. ATP